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Author Experience Expert Nancy Cleary

Nancy Cleary's newest release "A Book is Born: 24 Authors Tell All" takes you on a wild ride through authorhood!

Cleary celebrates 10 years of publishing mom authors and now shares the nitty gritty of the publishing journey. Cleary can comment on...

The Author Experience
-- 9 out of 10 people say they have "a book in them" but what is it really like to get published?
-- The EMOTIONAL, SPIRITUAL, PHYSICAL and FINANCIAL impact of publishing a book.
-- How an everyday writer, who's not a celebrity, gets published.
-- The 9-month birth plan every healthy book requires.
-- “The Secret” as it applies to publishing.
The Indie Publishing Scene
-- What's new, what works, what doesn't.
-- The biggest self-publishing mistakes.
-- Best-kept, most controversial secrets in the Indies
The Big Myths in the Book Biz
-- The Bookstore Dream...Shattered
-- BestSeller...Bull$#%@
-- Distribution...Anti-Solution
The 4 Options for Publishing – Proportionally Open to Everyone!
-- Honest info on the "Pay-for Pubs"
-- Empowered Self Publishing
-- Mid-size Independent Presses
-- Lit Agents & Major Deals

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