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Nancy Cleary celebrates the success of her independent press, the release of her book, a well-received online class, and over $250,000 in author giveaways.

  • "A Book is Born" (Wyatt-MacKenzie, Nov. 2007) goes between the lines of an author’s book–through the celebratory highs and gut-wrenching lows of the publishing process. This book is for every writer who has ever dreamed of publishing, and for every writer that has published– includes hard-won tips and resources for book promotion and publicity.

  • "The Secret & Science to Publishing" Cleary's free e-course has been taken by thousands of authors, empowering them with publishing knowledge and the wisdom to know how to use it.

  • Writer's Golden Ticket - 250 hardcover editions of "A Book is Born" will have a $1000 Certificate toward author services from Wyatt-MacKenzie

    Nancy Cleary is an advocate for moms – her publishing company, Wyatt-MacKenzie, named for her two children, celebrates a decade of manifesting the ideas of mom writers and entrepreneurs. Cleary's past productions include "The Best of Mom's Business Magazine," "I Love My Life: A Mom's Guide to Working from Home," "Mom's Work-at-Home Kit," and "Today's Blue Suit Mom Magazine." Her 2005 venture, The Mom-Writers Publishing Cooperative, brought Cleary's innovative approach to publishing, branding, and savvy PR to mom authors worldwide and culminated in the collaborative “A Book is Born: 24 Authors Tell All” to be released November 2007.

    Nancy Cleary has been quoted on publishing, author branding, publicity and the mom entrepreneur community in USA Today, Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, Working Mother Magazine, Family Circle, Home Business Magazine and Entrepreneur Magazine and has been featured in four bestselling business books: "Marketing to Moms: Getting Your Piece of the Trillion Dollar Market," “The Women’s Home-Based Business Book of Answers,” "The Self-Employed Woman’s Guide to Launching a Home-Based Business" and “Make Your Business Survive and Thrive.” Cleary studied Communication Arts at Parsons in NY in 1985, and received a BFA in Graphic Design from Rhode Island School of Design in 1990. She ran a successful graphic design studio out of her home office in Deadwood, Oregon since relocating there in 1992, until having her children and launching her publishing company in 1998.

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